2 Ways To Make the Most of Your Outdoor Kitchen Design

An outdoor kitchen is a great way to expand both the enjoyable and livable spaces of your home. Family gatherings are constricted when the cooking is confined to the kitchen while the grilling is done outside. The constant movement of people through the doors is exhausting. When planning a kitchen for your outdoor entertainment, consider these ideas.

Look at Spacing and Position

For those who own a pool, placing the kitchen closer to the patio will provide the most enjoyment. Friends and family can enjoy a cool dip before heading a few steps to the bar to grab a drink or a snack. Parents can safely but comfortably watch their children swimming in the pool without having to abandon their food prep needs. Keep a large opening between the walls of the kitchen space to allows breezes to flow around and keep guests cool. You have shade protection from the sun but still plenty of fresh air to enjoy. In some parts of the country, outdoor kitchens can be enjoyed all year round.

Think of the Materials

For your kitchen to be useful, consider having a built-in grill, a small sink, a few cabinets, and an under-counter refrigerator. Since these items will be exposed to the elements, source water-resistant, durable materials for each component. Natural stone is flame resistant and hardy, but it brings natural beauty to the outdoor space. Use large slate tiles for a rugged backsplash look, complemented by granite for the countertops. With granite, you create a high-end look that can be preserved with professional installation but a carefully chosen location out of direct sunlight.

An outdoor kitchen has multiple components that should be installed by a professional contractor. The good thing about working with the pros is the option to bring in their expertise in design as well. With the right help, you can create a functional but beautiful oasis to entertain or dine in.