Outdoor Kitchen Grills & Appliances

Today’s outdoor kitchens are sometimes nicer than indoor kitchens thanks to all of the high tech and weatherproof appliances that are available. With such an abundance of appliances and grills available, sometimes choosing the right ones for your outdoor kitchen can be overwhelming. We offer a number of quality brand grills and appliances to meet the needs of all our customers.


Our most popular Grill & Appliance product brands that we provide include: (Click image to learn more)



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Twin Eagles

Creative design, handcrafted construction and professional performance have long been the characteristics that have made Twin Eagles a leader in the premium grill and outdoor kitchen industry. Although Twin Eagles style is truly unique and each product is constructed to exacting standards, the performance of the grilling system is what separates Twin Eagles from other premium grill brands.

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Delta Heat

Delta Heat products are engineered, designed and manufactured by the industry leading premium grill and outdoor kitchen equipment experts – Twin Eagles, Inc. Creative design, innovative engineering, precision manufacturing, and impeccable quality control – all under one roof!

Fire magic

For more than 75 years, Fire Magic has been building the world’s finest outdoor grills, for people who demand the highest quality and performance. Their passion for manufacturing premium grills comes through in the pride of ownership that you’ll enjoy for a lifetime.

Made from the highest quality materials, with the most advanced features for today’s discerning outdoor cook, and backed by the industry’s best warranty. And with an extensive line of premium accessories from refrigerators to side burners, Fire Magic makes it easy to create an extraordinary outdoor kitchen.

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Trade Wind Hoods

Trade-Wind Range Hoods is a brand of Universal Metal Industries, founded in 1950 and an industry leader in high-performance, low-sone kitchen ventilation. One of the finest manufacturers of kitchen ventilation products, UMI has long produced the Air-O line of range hoods, distributing their famous high-quality range hood throughout North America. In 1995, UMI acquired the Trade-Wind line from Bowers-Thermador, and added it to their product stable. To this day, under both the Air-O and Trade-Wind names, UMI manufactures both consumer and professional-grade kitchen ventilation products alongside wooden hood liners, in-line blowers, duct silencers, bath fans, and their associated accessories, and is also able to custom-craft products for some customers.

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As the outdoor kitchen trend continues to grow, Summerset has continually delivered solid, reliable products for every budget. They offer a complete line of BBQ island accessories and four series of professional stainless grills as well as a complete range of products around which to build your ultimate outdoor living experience.

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Alturi Barbecue Grills & Accessories

Alturi brings the age-old tradition of open-air cooking to new life with our luxury outdoor kitchens. Discover the pure cooking enjoyment of the lifestyle with your own luxury outdoor kitchen

The Alturi collection of Barbecue Grills and Accessories are actually manufactured by Summerset Professional Grills and were designed to be the next step up in quality and performance from the Summerset series.

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Outdoor kitchens demand a higher level of durability, reliability and performance from the appliances chosen for the strenuous job. That’s why world-class Marvel Outdoor Refrigeration are CSA certified for outdoor use and tested to endure the elements like rain, corrosion, humidity and temperatures as high as 115°F. Plus, each is engineered with Dynamic Cooling Technology to provide the industry’s best temperature stability and rapid cool down proven to cool nearly 2x faster than other outdoor models.

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