Our Outdoor Kitchen Products

At Lanai Outdoor Kitchens, our designs are made to order so you can select every piece of your outdoor kitchen from the countertops down to the hardware. We only use the top quality brands and products to design and build our outdoor kitchens, which is why we offer all of our customers a lifetime warranty. Learn more about the brands we work with and the products we trust.


What makes a Lanai Kitchen so special? Werever Outdoor Cabinets. Werever Outdoor Cabinets are the strongest, most durable outdoor cabinets on the market. Unlike indoor kitchen cabinets, Werever Outdoor Cabinets are made to withstand all types of weather and are maintenance free. Learn more about our Werever Outdoor Cabinets product selection.

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Counter tops

When you are building an outdoor kitchen you want to choose a countertop that can hold up to the elements. The best countertops are usually granite, because of the durability and low maintenance. Other types of stone are suitable for outdoors, such as marble or soapstone, but they are usually more expensive, may not be as durable as granite, and usually require more maintenance. Learn more about the countertop materials we offer.

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Pergolas are quickly becoming a popular outdoor addition to homes, decks and yards. Some refer to them as home extensions.

A pergola is any one of several styles of open frame or lattice roofs, supported by columns, either attached to another structure or free standing.  Sometimes called arbors or trellises, pergolas can be small to large, used to cover walkways, or even as extensions of homes.

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A Fire pit is a beautiful addition to any outdoor kitchen or living space. It can enhance the look of your backyard resort and become the focal point of your family and social gatherings. At Lanai Outdoor Kitchens we have styles to suit everyone’s taste! Stop in our showroom today!

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Grills & Appliances

Today’s outdoor kitchens are sometimes nicer than the indoor kitchens … thanks to all of the appliances that are being made. With such an abundance of appliances available, sometimes choosing the ones you want can be a little overwhelming. Grills are still the primary appliance in an outdoor kitchen, but even when choosing a grill there are still a lot of options. We offer a number of quality brand grills and appliances.

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