Create Your Fall-Ready Outdoor Kitchen Space

The summer is often hailed as the perfect time to have an outdoor kitchen. The kids are home from school and the July 4th celebrations seem to kick off the summer barbecue trend. In the South, however, few people actually enjoy cooking outdoors in the sweltering, humid summer heat. Instead, they wait for milder temperatures in the fall.

Consider Cooking Preferences

Outdoor cooking does not always need to involve using a barbecue grill. There are many other cooking options you can consider. Environmentally conscious homeowners, for example, might prefer a solar oven or a biogas stove. People who love homemade Italian meals might want an outdoor pizza oven. Kids might push hard for a fire pit to roast marshmallows and make smores. Create an outdoor kitchen area you’ll actually use by starting your decisions here.

Consider Aesthetics

If you dislike the house decor, creating an outdoor space may seem like the perfect time to create something you actually like. There is some truth to this, but beware of creating an outdoor space that does not complement your existing home. This can cause even the most beautiful outdoor spaces to seem ugly or pretentious. An experienced designer can help you choose elements that represent the new design you want while still including key design principles from the main home.

Expanding Into Dining

When creating your new kitchen, it’s important to complement this with a dining area. For some people, this includes a picnic area or simple patio furniture. Others might prefer a more elaborate setup that requires professional landscaping, permanent structures, proper shade and a view. Consider what you can fit in your budget and plan accordingly.

Having an outdoor kitchen can improve your ability to enjoy your home. It can also facilitate more outdoor time before the winter comes around. While winters are not especially cold in the South, it is nonetheless chillier than many southerners might prefer for outdoor living.