Creating an Outdoor Kitchen: A Step-by-Step Guide of What To Do

Falling in love with the idea of outdoor kitchens is easy. After all, who doesn’t want to have a relaxing place to cook and spend time with family members? Going from concept to execution is a little trickier. This guide can help you know what steps to take and what to expect when you speak with outdoor kitchen professionals.

Sit Down With Design Experts

An outdoor kitchen design and installation team can be a big help. Pros who have worked in this industry for a long time can offer smart tips that maximize your available space and make sure you feel comfortable in your new kitchen. These pro tips can also help you increase your home’s resale value significantly.

Choose the Layout

Start by thinking about practical considerations. First and foremost, your outdoor kitchen needs to be functional. Every homeowner dreams of having a kitchen island, but you have to make sure there’s sufficient room on all sides first. With a great layout, you can have the amenities you want and enjoy the time you spend outside.

Make a Wish List

Now it’s time to start checking off the boxes of your dream list. Do you want a large grill, a full bar or a fully stocked wine cooler? Does a pizza oven or fireplace fit your goals best?

You may need to prioritize depending on your budget. Again, professionals that specifically focus on outdoor kitchens can help a lot with planning, saving you money on less-essential items so you can splurge on the big things.

Think About Style

Last but not least, look for design elements that match your personality and home. Depending on what elements you choose, outdoor kitchens can feel retro, industrial, sophisticated, classic and rustic. Pay attention to flooring, lighting, overall structure and other outdoor accents. Whether you dream of a warm Italian kitchen or a relaxing farmhouse kitchen, the sky is the limit.