Design Tips for Your Outdoor Kitchen

Pergola with Outdoor Kitchen

If you are one of the millions of people that love cooking outdoors, this is the year to expand your grilling area into an outdoor kitchen. It can be difficult to know what to include in your expansion with so many design features and cooking possibilities to use when creating your new outdoor cooking area. To help you create an enjoyable area you use often, here are some design tips you can apply.

Location Choices

When planning your kitchen’s location, make sure you find somewhere that allows the smoke to blow away from your home’s open windows or doors. However, the spot you choose should be close enough to make it convenient to transport food from inside to the grill with ease.

Workspace Flooring

No matter where you live, there are bound to be summer rainstorms or wayward sprinklers that hit your deck. Choose a flooring with texture to prevent damage to the materials and ensure it isn’t dangerously slippery when wet. Also, remember to consider something that resists grease and food stains in your outdoor kitchen.

Appliance Possibilities

Winds will blow the dust around to land on your outdoor appliances, so make sure you have machines and grills that can be covered and secured against the elements. Prep surfaces should be easy to maintain, and if possible, an outdoor sink can help keep the area clean. Additionally, consider steel cabinets if you live in an area that has harsh temperatures.

Entertainment Comfort

When designing your outdoor cooking area, don’t forget about comfort. Chairs, tables, lighting, and umbrellas can all keep your friends and family comfortable while they enjoy your fantastic food. Add a few cushions, and an overhead fan or heat lamps can add to the ambiance.

Planning your outdoor kitchen design is critical in creating a space that flows, is easy to use, and allows for guests’ comfort. You can use the tips listed above to begin your design, and then the sky is the limit in what you may want to include in your project.