How To Create a Fabulous Outdoor Kitchen

When your home is geographically situated to where you can enjoy the great outdoors all year long, there is nothing more enjoyable than having sliding glass doors open up the inside of your home to an exterior living space. This space is called a lanai, and while it is a focal point for relaxation and enjoyment, many of these spaces are underutilized. Outdoor lanai kitchens are a way to bring extra function and value to this dual-purpose space.

Plan for Functionality

To breathe new life into your lanai, create a space where many things can happen. Cooking is a way to enhance your entertainment prospects for the space, but you will need to carefully construct the outdoor kitchen. While you figure out your budget, think of the many different options for lighting, sink access, appliances, media, cleanup, and furniture. How often you plan to use the space should also determine how large or small you want to go with your project.

Plan for the Weather

Outdoor lanai kitchens are exposed to weather elements all year long, making your choice of materials important. For the necessities, stainless steel provides a rust and corrosion-resistant option for both sinks and appliances. Long-lasting countertop options are tile, concrete, and granite due to their weather resilience. These materials are also easy to clean and can also be installed as flooring.

Plan for the Experience

If you like to do a lot of entertaining, plan your seating according to your general party attendance. Hosting many guests requires large cooking appliances, and outdoor grills come in a variety of sizes and qualities. Decide whether you need gas installed or if you will use propane bottles. Cabinetry is important, as is having a refrigerator or ice maker. Bar space is functional for both prep work and seating.

Outdoor lanai kitchens can make a boring space an enjoyable oasis. Work with an experienced contractor to create your own fabulous outdoor space.