How To Plan an Outdoor Kitchen

Many homeowners enjoy grilling outdoors, especially when the weather is perfect. Outdoor Lanai kitchens help them step up their game. To plan a great outdoor kitchen, consider all the elements you need to satisfy the four main stages of meal preparation.

Unless you want to shop for each meal separately and cook it immediately after returning from the store, you need a place to keep the food fresh. It can be a pain, however, to have to gather all your food from your indoor pantry and refrigerator before you begin cooking outside. An outdoor refrigerator and enclosed cabinets make food more accessible any time you want to fire up the grill.

Every kitchen needs space for food preparation, and your outdoor kitchen is no exception. At minimum, you need a sink and a countertop. Outdoor Lanai kitchens give you a choice of materials that are sturdy enough to withstand the elements of weather but still look nice and make a great space for getting your food ready.

The grill is the centerpiece of the outdoor cooking experience. There are many options to consider when choosing the grill that is right for you. Do you want just the basics, or would you find side burners and extra racks helpful? The type of grill you get dictates how much you are able to do with it, so take your time when making your decision.

No kitchen is complete without a space for serving the wonderful dishes you have created. Your outdoor kitchen should include patio furniture that is comfortable enough for lounging over a delicious meal but sturdy enough to stand up to precipitation and prolonged sunlight. You may choose several cozy chairs with serving tables or one big table where everyone can gather together.

There are many decisions to make when designing your ideal outdoor kitchen. No matter what you decide, outdoor Lanai kitchens can turn a regular patio into a great space to entertain or enjoy time with family.