Understanding the Basics of Outdoor Kitchens

Granite Counter-Top

The numbers of families and friends gathering to eat outdoors have surged in recent years, which may explain why so many outdoor kitchen units are starting to grace numerous backyards. Whether you enjoy throwing parties or just want to cook outside when the weather gets hot, adding a patio or deck kitchen may be something you want to do to improve the time you spend outdoors. Here are some of the basics you should understand about outdoor kitchens before you build one.

Variety Is Key

For decades, kitchens were only built outside for the wealthy or elite to enjoy. The constructions were often in a building next to a pool that contained complete indoor-style appliances, and the areas were mainly used for entertainment. Today the kitchen spaces can be built next to the house on a deck and often center around grills, smokers or barbecues. Depending on the type of cooking you enjoy when spending time outdoors, you may choose several types of cooking appliances to add to your outdoor kitchen.

Space Is Simple

You don’t have to create a separate building to cover your patio kitchen. A simple overhang above the work area and cooking space will keep the area dry and allow smoke to exit. If you have a large space available, add a fridge, sink, or bar to make the area into an outdoor kitchenette. There are no rules about what you can and cannot include in your kitchen. The only limitation is your budget and the size of your yard.

Outdoors Is Perfect

Build your outdoor kitchen area to include whatever cookers and cabinets you want, but make sure you consult with a kitchen contractor to find out what items your climate will support. You may be surprised at how much time you and your family will spend outside once the kitchen is complete. Also, imagine the parties you can throw in the privacy of your own yard.