Use a Napoleon to Step Up Your Grilling Game

Napoleon Prestige P500RSIBPSS-3 Grill | Available at Lanai Kitchens in Largo Florida

When you are hosting a barbeque, you need a grill that can both impress and deliver high-quality results. When you own a Napoleon gas grill, you carry on a tradition of barbeque excellence that dates back almost 50 years. Napoleon grills can fit any size budget, whether you want something to take on a camping adventure or you want to create an enviable outdoor kitchen.

Certified Quality for Grillers Everywhere

Napoleon gas grills are produced from an ISO9001-2000 certified company, and people from around the world have experienced the best in workmanship and quality. The Napoleon Freestyle Travel Q Portable grill is the perfect size for traveling, made easier to tote to a campsite or picnic spot by its ergonomic handle and compact design. Though a model for those on a budget, the impressive 9,450 BTUs can roast a number of meats or foods on a cooking space of 225 square inches. Affordable, easy to set up, and easy to clean are just a few of the features that endear this model to grill masters everywhere.

Superior Results for the Refined Consumer

If you have more to spend, there are higher-end Napoleon grills to fit your needs. The Prestive V Grill line offers the Built-in BIPF600 unit. Its 106,500 BTUs of cooking energy can be supplied by either propane or natural gas, and it boasts 1,102 square inches of grill space. The unit also has a rear rotisserie. Not only does it deliver impressive cooking results, but it also brings an added benefit of aesthetically pleasing features that include matching drawers or doors. The Mirage M730RSBI is another high-end built-in grill, though this model provides a wrap-around condiment tray and optional side enclosures.

Napoleon grills deliver a model for every budget, whether you need to cook on a small or large scale. You will find the ideal grill at an affordable price and without a compromise on quality.