Why Your Backyard Patio Needs a Pergola

Building a yard that is beautiful to look at and welcoming to use at the same time is a balancing act and requires a skillful eye. One of the most important elements of any landscaping project is choosing what structures to include and where to utilize them. The best options are ones that provide both form and function, and if that’s your goal, it’s hard to beat a pergola on your patio.

What’s a Pergola and Why Do I Need One?

A pergola is a wooden structure with a roof made of a wooden lattice arrangement. Pergola’s are placed in a variety of exterior settings, and a pergola & patio combination can’t be beaten. Here are just a few of the reasons to add a pergola to your patio: 

  • The most basic reason to add a pergola & patio combo to your yard is that it looks beautiful. They are an attractive structure, and you can further stylize with paint, stain, or hanging accents.
  • Because the pergola provides a latticed-roof, it provides a nice balance of shade without fully cutting you off from the sun’s rays, so you can enjoy the outdoors while still staying cool.
  • The structure of a pergola is also the perfect base for natural growth. Plants like ivy love to climb up the support beams, while the roof beams can be used as anchor points for hanging plants or other decoration.
  • Adding a pergola to your yard provides an increased definition of spaces, clearly delineating a seating area, which gives form to your landscaping project.

If you think a pergola & patio look may be just what your backyard is missing, then there’s never been a better time to get in touch with a professional to see what they can do for you. Contact an outdoor kitchen professional today and they will help you explore all your options to build the perfect backyard